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01 March 2010 @ 06:31 pm
Haven't posted in a long time.  

Hey all I'm back. I decided to start making icons again. I feel a bit rusty but I will get back in the swing of things. I will be working on a new layout shortly.
Drop a few comments to let me know what you guys would like to see me make.

A few icons. 40 in total.
Icons of
-Dir en grey: Blitz 5 Days live (I made some icons of this live before) x37
-Wheesung x2
-Dengeki Daisy x1

Please comment and credit


o1 o2 o3 o4 o5
o6 o7 o8 o9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35
36 37 38 39 40
Current Mood: accomplished
Mely: Kyo ~ handmelinen on March 2nd, 2010 01:24 am (UTC)
Really nice work. :D I especially like #05, I'm pretty sure I'll end up using at least that one at some point.
Platemufuu on March 2nd, 2010 02:58 am (UTC)
I dont really use icons from other people, but I'd like to say this is a lovely set. 21 is especially nice.
cass_cascass_cas on March 2nd, 2010 04:23 am (UTC)
love 38 :D
And to you, the narcissist;majsiq on March 2nd, 2010 08:36 am (UTC)
Taking a few, thank you~
chemical_vila: Kyojustmymemories on March 2nd, 2010 08:59 am (UTC)
18 and 38. I'm in love of them *__* Can I use 18?
Kelly: sad narutodim_quiet on March 2nd, 2010 12:00 pm (UTC)
of course :D
BACK UP OFF MY DICK HOdiru915 on March 3rd, 2010 06:01 pm (UTC)
oh wow!!!!! these are really nice! thank you :D
w h o y o u ?: OH YEAHmnnurr on March 9th, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
it's great seeing your making icons again! these are wonderful~